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Super Single Vineyard Vineyards are located in the dry Karoo at an altitude of 1500 m above sea level which makes them the highest vineyards in the country. Kanolfontein’s low humidity, dry winds and abundant water from the melting snow have contributed to a series of exciting wines, all with organic methods. The Syrah shows aromas of rose petals, black cherries and cloves, it has a pleasant long and ripe finish. A perfect wine to accompany venison, lamb and grilled meat.

SSV Mount Sutherland, Syrah | 2016

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  • KAP KAAI SARL will deliver the vintage as indicated on the web-site as long as it is available, and is allowed to deliver un different vintage in case of non-availability of the indicated vintage. KAP KAAI SARL has expressly the right to adapt prices.

    Bottles presenting defaults like “cork taste” or similar anomalies can be returned and will be replaced by the seller, provided tis availability. If a vintage is not anymore available, the buyer accepts the replacement by a product as close to the one purchased. No cash refund is possible. All orders are final and are not subject to reimbursement.

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