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Lozärn is a boutigque winery in Robertson, with a historic link to Lucerne / Switzerland (Lozärn is the local spelling in dialect of Luzern/Lucerne - the unusual stor behind can be read on their website!). Carmenère is a cultivar which suffered from mildew in France in the last century and virtually dissapeared in Europe. But is survived and strived in Chile from where the owners of the wine estate broght the plants. They did a magical Carmenère on South African soil (similar to the one in Chile). 

With the first swirl of your glass a beautiful array of cloves, nutmeg and
cocoa intrigue your senses. While red fruit and a vibrant colour spoil the palate with soft umami touches. A Wine to pair perfectly with leaner meat, such as duck or pork and maybe a delicate cherry reduction to compliment.

Lozärn, Robertson, Carmenère, 2021

42,00 CHFPrix
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